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Our Gallery

This gallery is added to from time to time and shows our shop, introduces you to our staff as well as the illustrations of horse back symetry and uneven saddle symetry areas shown by our thermography camera. We have also included Jules work on trips to Kenya.

Some of the Garrett Saddlers team Garrett Saddlers This shows the area a saddle can fit on the back, not going over the maximum length of the rib cage, or impeding the shoulder blade, before you get onto the soft none bearing surface A new addition to our saddle fitting team is a thermography camera, a great asset to help with symetry of the horses back

Jules working trips to Kenya

A Saddlers work is never done, wherever you are! Our new apprentice in Kenya Working in Kenya with Lotty Merry what a wonderful experience, horses tough and amazing. This is what you call turnout! Saddle checks plus pads we made yesterday for the polo ponies, in Kisima Kenya. Chaps made today at borana Kenya. Last ride in Borana